Civil & Infrastructure

The RMG offers a comprehensive range of technical services for the construction and maintenance of public facilities and infrastructure for the German and international industry.

During the construction of tunnels, canals, roads, rail networks, facilities and other useful facilities and equipment, the technical implementation has first priority. Also for economic reasons, all investments in infrastructure, particularly the quality of planning and the proper use of funds must be ensured.

For the purposes of and on behalf of our client, we consider it our obligation to forward-looking concepts to develop and to implement responsible planning / site supervision of construction on the latest technology. We support you with professional expertise in all areas. From the condition assessment and evaluation, remediation plans, tendering, construction supervision to the final building inspection.

Civil & Infrastructure:

  • Feasibility studies and project planning
  • Construction methods and drawings
  • Inspection and Maintenance
  • Assess the effectiveness of existing structures
  • Risk Management
  • Development of artificial irrigation systems and dam design